Sunday, June 21, 2009

Craft Show Tent

I've had my old pipe,elbow, and tarp tent for many years, and it serves well when I have help and set it up as a 10'x20' but for one person trying to use a 10'x10' space it sets up as 10'x7' and still takes up a lot of room in the van.

This week I treated my business and myself to a new easy-up tent. It's white! It has sides that actually fit and zip closed at night! It's an exact 10'x10'! It's heavy but takes up less room in the van!...Yes I need to make a set of weights for the places I can't stake, but I am very happy with it so far as I head into my season of weekly shows. (To know where I'm at check my store weekly

The new tent pictures ended up first, but you really wanted to see them first anyway:) You can see how much more I can display (and I still have 3 totes of yarn that I couldn't fit out so need to do a little more display tweaking) Each show is set up a little differently anyways because of traffic flow and sun (candles and soap need to be shaded) so it's always a work in progress.