Friday, December 30, 2011

Year's End

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

I fell way short on my goals for last year in blogging, but accomplished a lot in everyday life.
So my resolution for this year is not to make any resolutions and just do what I can get done!
Are you making resolutions?

To update;
1. in the spring we purchased a 4x9 slat walled utility trailer to use for craft shows. We took the slats off and built solid walls with back and side doors. With a hinged light-weight top it was useful for hauling and also camping for one at the shows (my son had the van or a tent to sleep in)
2. Having booked a fairly full schedule of craft shows, I also found my part-time winter job continuing into year-around!
3. This fall I purchased the supplies for making soy candles to add a new product to my shows. I also came into possesion on a smaller 4-harness floor loom which is waiting patiently for me to finish the warp that was on it so I can start a project of maybe place mats or dish towels which are still in the planning stage as I research books to find "the perfect" pattern and suitable warp and weft.
4. A custom order of dog hair to spin into yarn and then knit into scarves took more time than I had first thought, but it was an interesting project and I received the best thankyou note with the payment.
5. I'm still spinning and dyeing as well as preparing equipment to teach a nuno felting class next month.

What special projects have taken over your lives? Busy is good, right?