Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Harvest

Just before the frost/freeze that we had last week I was able to harvest the few remaining things in the garden, a five gallon bucket of tomatoes is now nesting cozily in boxes of newspaper waiting to finish ripening. Pictured below are some of the grape tomatoes, a squash, and my mystery growth.
This second picture is a closer view of the unknown object that I rescued from my compost barrel. I'd been watching this unknown vine grow during the summer, my first guess at it's identity was squash but then it blossomed-a small, delicate yellow bloom- so then I thought cucumber, and again waited to see the result.
As I was stripping the main garden I decided to take a last look and noticed several orbs smaller than an egg, definitely not a cucumber, then tucked away under the abundant leaves I spotted this and picked it. Gourd? maybe but don't remember throwing any in there (yes it wasn't the best made pile or it would have heated enough to kill any seeds) an immature squash that I don't recognize? Any ideas anyone? In the meantime I'm resisting the urge to dissect and letting it dry or ripen?

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