Monday, March 30, 2009

Spin Your Scraps - Project

My little pile of scraps included snips of handspun, white bamboo mill ends, and little slubs and mats that seemed too short to spin.


Since the above weighed less than an ounce, I added about 2 ounces from a grab bag of roving ends I had purchased from Hanks in the hood.

below and------>

In a way it was like making cocoons, since I was including some very short slubs of about 1/4 inch, as well as some clips of handspun yarn. I had decided not to card the fibers first, since I wanted a more textured yarn.

I used my louet s-10 to spin, plied it with a Trilobal Polyester thread and wound it onto my niddy-noddy to measure the skein.

Depending on the lighting the actual yarn is just a little brighter than the darker colors.


  1. It looks lovely!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    Glad to see your also keeping busy!

  2. so glad I popped in ...
    mona & the girls