Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm a Fiber-holic

I'm a fiber-holic and a business-woman so when TheClayMuse tagged me, I had to delay my response for a little. I'm glad that Christina tagged me for a little blogosphere fun! This is the first one I'm participating in so hope I'm doing it right.

The rules of this one are as such: go to your picture file and blog about the 4th picture in there, then tag 4 other bloggers to do the same.

Since all of my pics on this computer are in folders also, I went to the fourth folder and choose the sixth picture (the fourth was uninteresting except to family) It was fun to look through my pictures from 2006 and great to see the green of summer-too much white out there right now.

This was taken on our deck on a sunny July day, this friendly Monarch butterfly came to visit, resting on my finger long enough for my husband to grab the camera. It stayed long enough that my arm was getting tired.

This next picture I couldn't resist sharing. It is a dream catcher that has a motto which is the basis of our expanding business as we approach retirement age. (No retirement-just a lot of creating)

And now to keep the album sharing going I tag;





Hope you will all have time to respond, you know you were planning to blog anyway.

Time to do a little more spinning as I watch the end of Jesse Stone- yes I'm a Tom Selleck fan:)


  1. i cant believe that butterfly landed on your finger and stayed there! the only thing i ever get to land on me is mosquitoes.... T_T

  2. Such a pretty & paitent butterfly!
    Thanks so much for playing along, and the pics look great!

  3. Well if you liked that tag you are going to love this one. I tagged you with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Check out my blog for the rules..have fun with it..