Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project Updates

Finally changed my camera batteries so I can show my finished(almost) projects. Remember the blue and natural color roving from a previous post? Here are the 5 skeins of yarn that I spun from that pound of roving. Sill have to wind the last one from the spool onto my niddy-noddy before I know the total yardage. I'm estimating close to 700 yards. Next I need to soak them in warm water and hang to dry to set the twist, then I can take more pictures and list one on my Etsy shop, labeling and packing the rest in my craft show totes.

This little pile of "stuff" is only a little of the vegetable matter that I pulled out as I spun. Not all roving is created equal in ease of spinning but the softness and color was worth the extra work.

These are a part of the shelving that I was shellacking. You can see in the picture above what a nice color change this finish gives to the wood. With a craft show in two weeks they aren't getting a second coat until later in the season, but I finished the six shelf unit and both two shelf units so I am happy with that.


  1. The yarn is talented. Good luck in you art shows coming up...

  2. beautiful yarn! it reminds me of a tweed! i bet it will knit or crochet up very nicely!!! good luck in the craft show in two weeks!

  3. Good luck with your show! I just adore the colors in that yarn! Thank you so much for your wise(wink)advice at my blog!

  4. Mmm not to double post on your blog or anything buuuut..
    I tagged you for a cute little sharing "game" if your interested.... My follow-holic post has the details! Hope you'll share!