Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Addicted Technically

When my computer was down for almost a week, I really realized how dependent I am to the technical addiction of being on line.
I can easily sit with my spinning wheel, in the woods ,in my craft tent for a weekend, camping out and enjoying food cooked over the camp fire. Why, then, did I find myself freaking out when my computer started making funny noises? I have an on-line shop! I have forums that I regularly post to or at least read! I get the occasional e-mail which I like to answer promptly! Yes all this was still happening but I was unable to access it!
My first call was to my daughter, who as my technical support person listened to the noises through the telephone, asked some questions and gave advice. She also agreed to monitor my shop for me, relaying any sale information and answering convos. Whew! one responsibility off my shoulders- not checking my shop was like not showing up for work without calling in!
Luckily her diagnosis was correct, and having the power supply box replaced was done locally.
Now I am happily back to my spinning wheel, having the ability again to check on the on-line world when the urge strikes! Tell me this is not an addiction??

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