Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Season?

This time of year may not be considered a busy season by many, as on-line sales have seemed to have slowed, but to me it is a busy time of preparation for things to come.
Today I've been spinning on the roving pictured in the previous post and have almost completed the second spool, which means tomorrow I can ply it. I also took time to start varnishing some of my display shelves that I will be using at next month's craft shows.
Prepping displays, finishing more projects, adding some new ideas to my inventory, making sure everything is labeled and priced, printing new business cards (need to add this blog site to the old format), as well as researching and booking more shows for this summer and fall, and adding more items to my etsy store. First two shows are booked for March and by April I should be starting my garden too. I should also be taking more pictures for here, less reading for you and less writing for me.
Can we add an extra day to the week? Couldn't take any more hours in a day:)

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