Monday, February 16, 2009

Spinning Guild

About a year or so ago I was introduced to a group of ladies, most of them spinners. It was an experience to see all the different kinds of wheels, all whirling softly, twisting a variety of fibers into beautiful unique yarns as everyone chatted.

Today was another of our monthly meetings, now held in a snowmobile club house, since the number of members continues to grow. We share the results of our projects, knitting, felting, weaving etc. It's inspiring to see what everyone is working on. For this years group project we traded one ounce bundles of roving to combine and spin,weave,knit,felt or whatever into maybe vests? I haven't started spinning my 16 ounces yet since I'm still playing with the color and texture combinations in my mind, and searching for just the right pattern to knit and may add more of my stash to it.

So today I started spinning on this pound of lovely softness that I purchased from one of many vendors at the last Northern Michigan Lamb&Wool Festival.


  1. Love the color...can't wait to see it all spun..I knit and crochet but never learned to spin.

  2. love the teal~! Can't wait to see it spun up!