Saturday, February 14, 2009

Multiple Projects, How Many Do You Have?

It seems that at any given time I always have many things planned, started, going good, or waiting (im)patiently to be finished. I'm beginning to think this is a common trait of crafters, do you agree?

So far on this project, I dyed some roving a dark emerald green with a few lighter spots, and a second batch a chartruese green. From that I spun one skein from the dark, two skeins with one ply dark and one light and then some all light. While this is drying to set the twist, I am spinning the rest of the roving that you see in the pictures, I plan to knit a couple of hats, in a huge pattern, and then full or shrink them down to wearable size. I also have an earflap hat almost knitted, a nuno felted scarf to add finishing touches to and a couple of felt purses that are awaiting handles and closures.
Tell me about your works in progress.


  1. Heh. My New Years Resolution was to finish projects before starting more! I'm totally sticking to it! I love the green yarn by the way. When I get my dyes in the mail I am going to try handpainting some left over alpaca!

  2. Very beautiful yarn, I especially love the dark green....
    I have a rule..when I start a project I always finish it before moving on to another. Since I do jewelry I find that works the best...don't want to lose the picture I had in my mind when I started the piece...

  3. Thanks for the compliments on the green, I'm having so much fun with blending colors, another one that I dyed the same way, came out differently and is listed on etsy as spring green....

  4. Oh I definately have multiple projects always! Right now I have a purple dragon that needs finishing touches and baking, a statuette whose base isn't finished yet, a mini paper mache box I'm covering in polyclay tiles... and I feel like I'm forgetting something...
    You are not alone! I wish I could stick to the whole finish a project before starting a new one.. but I just can't!