Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dyeing Challenge

This week I tried matching some roving that I had dyed using the rainbow technique of painting the colors on and then heat setting. The main challenge was adding enough dye to cover the white without adding so much that the colors would over-mix and become muddy, the most that I could heat-set at a time was 8oz and I needed 1 lb of the same which meant repeating myself:)
The roving with the label was my goal to match. In the top picture the one on the right was my first attempt and the one on the left was closer with just a few evenly spaced light spots. What do you think? Is the one on the left a close enough match? I did manage two batches of each colorway that match each other, so have a pound of each, (and yes it's merino wool).


  1. You did very well...they're lovely!! Do you have a special project in mind for them?

  2. Thanks Heather, the reason I dyed this colorway was from a craft show request, the purple matches some in a roving she already had. I like the lighter results enough to spin it, but the results will probably go on sale, either on etsy or the craft shows (I can only wear so many hats and sweaters even with our long winters.